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I've been following the thingamy story since we met at a geek dinner in London last summer and chatted about tagging. It's fascinating but at times impenetrable and I wonder if the latter matters.

I am not a professional systems user so I am not surprised to be bewildered when reading your discussions with IT experts but I was interested to read Niko struggling in his words to explain Thingamy.

I am ignorant about software development processes, but I'd be interested to know if you think it is normal for people to struggle to encapsulate an evolving concept at this time; whether that is an indication of the breadth of what you're trying to achive or a concept that has not crystallised sufficiently; and whether it will become much more important to be able to capture the essence of Thingamy when it comes time to "market" it?



interesting! Exactly same questions I am struggling with these days, only inching forward as I gather experience.

And to your two last questions: Both a resounding yes!

I have not yet crystallised the... ehh... presentation/definition/wordy description sufficiently (the concept is pretty muuch clear as water, for me that is :) - and it might even never happen as different people see it differently - if you saw a hammer for the first time you might use it as a weapon, or a destruction tool, or... and they could all be good uses ;)

And yes, just the notion of replacing most enterprise used systems and change the way we do things every day... hehe... what can I say?

[Little update: When doing a demo - then the "ahh!"s come - so in essence it has to be seen... no words can replace that.]

As you pinpoint, I have a daunting task ahead of me - but luckily I have the help from many friends out there that offers some of their time to me doing a demo, or even trying their hand on it all by themselves completley in the dark!

(Learned one thing for sure, face-to-face training the first hour or so is a must!)

Wow you got me started there, the prod is much deserved, thanks!

Think I will take the ball running and do a proper post :D

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