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John Dodds

I have a completely new insight into you!


The girls and being seduced section? Nah, I've got that from hearsay and stories and such... ;)

Or, could it be some faint memory from my student days... hmmm...

fiat lux

And obviously, the thought that any percentage of the audience might not be male hasn't crossed your mind.

"War paint and high heels" indeed. Bah.


Fiat, my bad, apologies etc. :)

BTW, try replacing offending sentence with "one day stubble and sportscar"...

Paul P Magee

I don't think there is as much difference as you make out between seduction and attraction when it comes to the energy and resources required to get a result. The only difference is the level of honesty and the willingness to be deceived.

Attraction may take more time and patience, but what we really need to do is make sure that we are alert and ready to play the attraction game - not oblivious to the opportunities passing us by as we "tinker" away :) Whether we are seducing or attracting, it's still selling and if it's not selling, if it's merely demonstrating then the result will be interested viewers not paying customers.

The benefit of suduction is that there's no doubt about what's on offer!



good point - perhaps the difference could be found in what "triggers" we're trying to hit when we do an effort to be noticed (call it selling or not)?

For me I put the seduction squarely in the corner of the very basic triggers (sex is one of course) which is effective in the short term and probably useful for the one time sell, or at least the simple on the whim purchase kind of product.

Or it can be used on top of the other, the last push.

And definitely as you say, attraction (and long term relationship) requires honesty, transparency and self confidence - a good starting point in any case methinks. Even if spiced up with the more basic triggers after attraction has been established... :)

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