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A big leap forward. Bravo.


Very interesting approach.


This pretty much reminds me of an old idea of mine: a generic 'trouble ticket' system for everyone - not just programmers. You could use it instead of e-mail, having the additional benefit of having all the history with you as well as who's responsible at the moment.

Just look at a good TT system (like Jira) where you can even define different task types and workflows.

The only question I have is where have the business model (like finances) aspect fit into this concept? I'll need to look at the latest version methinks.


Ooh, but it's "a tad more"! A ticket system would be only the "I" in IMCI or first O in OODA.

Add the "punting it around", mature it, discuss it, work on it - then allow the right person or group to make a decision what's worth doing - then, and here's the big part :

Run a project where the "project manager" has been elevated from the usual secretarial tasks (reports, getting status, updating tools) to a proper "conductor" in full view and control.

Never ever request a "status update" nor write a report or update anything. All in one...

[But go and pick one up, it has that BRP One built in ready to go! :)]

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