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Mike Andersen

Just a short observation about discussions in newsgroups (and other types of online written communication): It only seems to work when the people involved know who the other participants are (some kinds of “trust” are established).

If those involved are anonymous to each other, the discussions very often go from being healthy arguments to more or less personal slander.


Hi Mike!
Yep you're right - to a certain extent. Actually I would say it is more dependent on what I would call community-culture.
I see a tendency of what you describe in most old-fashioned newsgroups, flaming is not unheard of! But take the blogs and you do not see much of it, seems the community-culture is very different there. Perhaps having grown out of a different age group?
But within the walls of a company, even with an average age of 20, flaming was not that popular. After all you would meet the guy over lunch in an hour... :-)

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