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Jim Wilde


LOL. Where are you? Here, gaping void or both? Anyway, I left a comment for you on gapingvoid.

I live on the east coast of the US, twenty mins from NYC. I meet with corp people all the time. Lemme tell ya, cracking the corporate sickness requires a BIG Hammer. I hope you got one because the "brave and willing" are few and far between. They are blind to opportunites. You're right. It is far too easy for managers/employees to use best practicies/bench marking to measure progress. Denying reality seems to be the norm.

I agree with everything you're saying. Man, nice stuff!


Jim, hehe, I'm here, and sometimes I go over to Hugh to get a kick in the butt and have a laugh reading his cartoons!

I seem to drift more away from "cracking the coporate sickness" to saying "hey, if they're dragging their feet, why not overtake them?" Let them be, leave the crowd and bet on the few perhaps :-)

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