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So Sig - are you eating your own dog food here? Is this blog part of your own step 6? ... or step 4?

Does the model explain why you are developing Thingamy, or are you looking for a model that will support Thingamy now that you (almost) have it available?

Whatever - I like the iterative nature, and the 'release early, release often' flavour (or is it 'fail fast, fail cheap'?), even though it isn't open source (yet?). Also by not tying yourself up in structure too early (which many new businesses do) you avoid having to jump irrevocably into the brave new world of self employment - the first few steps can be taken from the 'security' of paid employment, until the prototype model is tested/adjusted.

I look forward to the next instalment ...


Ric, hehe, of course I eat my own dog food here!

As the software is a kind of manifestation of the ideas, or even an idea amplifier - then blogging is more than important, it's essential.

It would be a combination of 1. and 6.
Discussing the ideas and reading other related stuff is extremely valuable in order to understand where people (the market!) have issues in their corporate life and what is important for them. In other words an excellent way to check, recheck and tweak our value assumptions in #1.

Given the close relationship between the ideas and the product, then blogging and discussing is in essence a product-less launch :-) that gives instant feedback for #6. Very useful, and damned fun! Cheap too ;-)

And yes to both next ones: This is why we build the software so you can change the business model on the fly and every day. And yes, this is pretty much the way we handle ourselves when we inch forward. Dogfood :-)

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