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you'll have real fun with the 'make frequent small releases' part if you use it in setting a price. Once you sold it to someone for a low price it will make the round and everyone else will either complain why they paid so much, or want it that cheap too.



Good point Sam, nevertheless:

'Extreme business-modelling' requires a tad common sense, but hey, I take that for granted :-)

That said, I think you could actually 'get away with murder' in the beginning. "First customer(s) were beta testers", "product was not finished yet" or "we had no time for support" may work - and be true as well!

You may even stick to the flexible model if you want!

Check out Easyjet or even the big airlines these days. No way will you ever sit next to somebody who paid exactly the same as you!



"We are extreme business-modelling. We'll have the answers when the time is right."

You may get a lot of push-back with that approach, but I suspect that those who can't get it are probably not going to be the customers you want. Those 'concrete-bound' organisations that want all the questions answered upfront aren't going to like the answers, and will not be able to cope with the flexibility required to prosper in this new world - but we already knew that!


Ric, and that way you have a perfect 'filter' up front!

The product, the service, the company culture - all have to be aligned - and that applies of course more than anything to the Business Plan. So if you're different (and who's not in the beginning?) why use a blueprint for anything?

Did I mention the customer? Align him too - filter out the unaligned :-)

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