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Michael Knagenhjelm

Check Kim Cameron's blog on the six laws of Security:
Also, take a look at Dave kear's place:

Tim Leberecht

Here's another example of how to organize information without creating hierarchies: http://maps.mindjet.com


Tim, even if I do like mindmapping a lot, and it certainly is different from hierarchies - it still is limited to two dimensions.

Same issue really for web sites (navigation) and operating systems - all two dimensional.

But there are ways around it (possibly), I think it shall be possible to expand between two or three dimensions. Ideal is of course no limits.

We're having some fun tinkering with a practical solution to test out in "real world" for a web site navigation (OS and organisational solutions we've got already, in a very early stage).

Will show you if it pans out more or less :-)

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