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So Sig - can you stay radical if you grow, or is it inevitable that you become more conservative with size (which is my experience to this point of time)? Is the inverted pyramid a self-fulfilling prophecy, or can we come up with some other model that combines growth with continued innovation?


Ric, only thing I'm sure of as thigs stand today - there are filters afoot, like "behave like a proper suit" if you want to rise in the ranks, get a loan, communicate with VCs...

You know, howling-with-the-wolves.

That said I guess we'll see some changes to that - if/when the command-structures ease up :)

phil  jones

Hmmm. I'm not sure that X-axis should have an arrow on it. Looks like you're saying the majority of firms are middle-sized.


Hey, they're napkin-drawings, cannot ever get that perfect... if it's the paper texture or the beer... hmmm ;)

But hang on, are not the majority of firms in fact middle-sized??


phil  jones

"But hang on, are not the majority of firms in fact middle-sized??"

I'm pretty sure the majority of firms are one-person businesses. The size / frequency relation follows a power-law.

phil  jones

Just to confirm that, check page 330 of my paperback edition of Philip Ball's "Critical Mass" (one of the best books I've read this year)



Phil, you're absolutely right of course! Kind of obvious I would add, as I correct myself :)

Have to blame the paper, or the sloppyness when bar-drawing... as the pyramid goes - widest on bottom - only problem is it's location on the X-axis... but yes, mostly very small (starting with one person operations).

Ditto for the upside-down-drawing I suspect. To make it clear, very few real radicals, much more will-have-no-changes / stick-to-old-thinking in most organisations.


Alex Miller

Looks like a great article - but did you run it through a grammar obfuscating filter?

"Then I'm asked to place our product in relation to what type of companies [will buy my product? will I be competing against?]. What part of the pyramid am I going for"

"That's where the "radical" chaps/gals are. The not-so-stuck-in-the-past people. Those I can connect with. Because with no connection,[there is] no conversation, no fun, no partnership, no business."

--Fotoflo (twitter-nick)

Catherine Moore

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