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Frank Patrick

Flow on, sweet afton. More at http://www.focusedperformance.com/2005_08_01_blarch.html#112445463524783762


Why would anyone with an existing IT infrastructure consider this? Rip and replace? Not going to happen - in my lifetime. Enough problems sorting out existing business process flows - and there are plenty of contenders out there for this approach. But there's more...



firms take huge write-offs when they sack a few thousands in order to outsource. The same can invest huge amounts in production facilities.
Both for mere single-digit savings, mostly...

Changing the "way one does stuff" has much bigger promise in savings as well as in revenues... did enybody mention the popular term of innovation? Yet another strain of "how we do stuff"..

That said the question does not boil down to costs, it's when they see the gain it might happen. And as always, if somebody is the first one - and have success - then the flock follows, costs be damned.

As to software; a process flow as in "who does what next" within one department (say CRM), production or semi-company-wide is not enough. It has to include the capture of data, dynamic use of resources and be truly organisation (and beyond) wide to be a real flow. Add "dynamism" as the organisation learns, just like a riverbed, then the number of contenders narrows down to... ehh.. nil?

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