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I was sorry to hear you were robbed, heartened to see you take a posisitve out of a negative.

Back however to the matter at hand. I believe what your attempting to do combined with a method of creating that pattern data, would allow humans to quickly and easily locate that which they seek.

I've been thinking about streamlining this process, creating those patterns so that search engines and humans alike have a friendlier time of it. All using freetags. I believe by doing what I call Typetagging, allows me to create those patterns and paint my own scene for later perusal by an observer, either human or machine.
You can read more of what I call Typetagging here:
It may be nothing new, but the more I think about it the more I like it. And I can't really see a better way at this point in time.


Craig, appreciate your kind words - yep, no other way to handle setbacks than twist'em into something better :)

Interesting idea you're writing about, kindred to what we're dabbling with - and I will keep my eyes peeled on any progress in the Flock world and otherwhere!

As you can see, I'm a bit on the simplistic side - no search nor tree structures at all - only one tiny little practical issue left - make it useful in practical life :)

Will use the method though in our run-your-business system, found it to open up many interesting possibilities far beyond "finding" stuff... but we'll see, soon I hope...

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