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I used to work for a company that applied the very same strategy: In 3 years it acquired 18 businesses in different european countries buying the number ones and twos in each.

Within 2 years the brands had disappeared, the majority of the people had left and the customers had gone too.

Within a further 2 years those people set up new companies and new brands, gained new customers and were back at number one and two!


Now you're scaring me SIg - this is my life I see flashing before me in your posts ... I haven't just SEEN that out there, I'm (indirectly) part of it.


Hehe, yep, scary is it not? And kind of dumb too...

I was soooo tempted to mention certain big enterprise software guys (#2 :), doing more or less the same in more or less the same way as #1. Now they've vacuumed the market for #3s, #4s etc... so time to fire up the engines and do to them what happened with cambkey's former employer! And why not take on # 1 too I wonder when we're at it... hmm... :)


You're thinking Oracle, and I'm thinking Pernod Ricard ... same deal: the strategy is "engulf and devour" (I think that comes from Mel Brooks' "Silent Movie") rather than innovate. I am currently working at the intersection of the two ...

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