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Peter Cooper

Thanks for the mention. I don't know if you're subscribed to my blog or not, but I'm honoured that you've linked to it. I've been keeping an eye on Thingamy for quite a while now and it seems like you guys are doing some great work.


But of course I subscribe Peter!

And if you look aaaall the way on the bottom of the thingamy.com site you will see "Feed by feeddigest.com, thanks Peter!" :D

Being more of a geek-in-perpetual-training but mostly a suit I find CL quite amazing in it's ways. The progammable program language, have to love it!


Sig - have you seen Paul Graham's take on Lisp? (http://www.paulgraham.com/avg.html) - he considers the use of Lisp as a competitive advantage for a software developer ...


Ric, I think you nailed the source of our inspiration when we decided to move to CL - if my memory is not too spotty :)

Another thing that clinched it, with my very simple-geek-in-training-mind was the alignement between Lisp and our philosophy/architecture/whatever. Kind of important that I would say...

In essence the same argument when we decided to build our own OODB - total alignement all the way from philosophy to code :)

(yeah, dime-a-dozen-philosophy that, but why not... hehe)

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