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Gah. I must, at the day job, deal with a vendor who insists on using WebEx when it's time to change licenses on the application. They, per SOP, must login and add the licenses themselves.

Two strikes against the vendor. By policy they don't trust me, the customer. By policy they insist that I run a service and application (WebEx and browser) on a server where our policy is that we don't do things like that on servers.

Their help desk and I ... we've reached an informal accomodation. I get to change the licenses with the key codes they mail me. In return I screen shot the before/after license count.

But man it burns every time I do that. Nothing like being treated like a thief by people we're handing good money to on a yearly basis.


It's like the world is split into two kinds - "I trust you, let's make life simple" or "I do not trust you, let's pay dearly for it both" products and services and firms...

Wonder where I shall put firms who puts their NDAs and DRMs up front :D

Hmm... interesting idea... shall mull over and see if a proper post develops!

Harold Jarche

However, VNC won't even publish their prices on their website. I assume they're hiding something. No price - no interest from me.


Oh dear, try one of these:
Mac OSX: http://sourceforge.net/projects/cotvnc/
Windows: http://www.realvnc.com/products/free/4.1/download.html

Or do a Google and find one for your PDA even...

Happy User

You really should research stuff better before you comment. WebEx is a killer product and service. Ever stop to think that maybe your lousy dial-up service couldn't handle a normal web-based service? Try investing more time before commenting and maybe even a better internet connection next time. And your writing style, as hard as you try to be flip and funny, falls about as flat as your commentary.


Thanks "noneofyourbusiness" for the most wonderful demonstration for the need and effect of above mentioned filter :D


Wow, you really zinged me didn't you? Keep up the "good work!"

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