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John Dodds

I too was intrigued by Kathy's post but wonder if we risk getting semantically bogged down. We didn't know that we needed the iPod but we did (courtesy of the walkman and amateur predecessors) know that we needed some way of consuming self-chosen music on the move.

Similarly, while I fully agree with your good/great conclusion, I'm wondering if you're suggesting that it is only the user who can create the great (or perhaps find the potential greatness within something)? I think Kathy is right to suggest that it is up to the creators to strive for greatness and that you are right to suggest that a great product is great because it is not so prescriptive that it doesn't allow for user-led innovation.

P.S. Interesting to note that you were taken in by what is clearly a Hirstian installation of formaldehye-pickled sheep that claims to be a commentary on the role of craft in art, but should really be entitled there's more than one born every minute!


QED! I would never have thought of Damien Hirst for that illustration, leave it to the user I say... :D

But seriously, I do agree with Kathy and yourself that much if not all preparation for greatness is up to the supplier.

And you're absolutely right in that "too much prescriptive", then user innovation disapppears with any potential product greatness.

In a sense I think we can take it even a step further in the quest for "great" products: Design so it provokes/entices/cater for thinking and innovation at the user's end.

And I think that should be easier for software than for more tangible/physical products. But I suspect that too much focus on problem solving and/or acceptance of current ways bogs that effort down a bit...

henriette weber  Andersen

but then again, if we take it a step further in the quest for "great" products and designs it så it provokes, it might be more riskful - and harder to market... I think it's a balance that you have to tune into *s*

btw I love Henry Moore's pieces... Sig, you gave me the impression of the day *s* thanks

John Dodds

The illustrations are missing on this online version but you might find this piece about a "before they were famous" exhibiiton interesting.


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