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Mike O

Sig, is "box 43, row 14, room B, Warehouse East" really a tree structure? or Is the widget just tagged with location attributes of "row = 14", "room = B", "box = 43","Warehouse = East", "latitude = 43.167354", "longitude = 5.608537", and "elevation = 2.1M". Is it a requirement for there to be a relationship between tags? It might be good to know that row 14 is in room B. If there is a relationship between these tags aren't there relationships and groupings of all tags? Should one be able to tag (group) tags and document relationships between tags? Wouldn't the relationship be valid only in the context of the specific widget (object)?


Mike, interesting point, got me thinking this way: "Box 43, row 14 etc.." I would definitely define as treestructure as it indeed requires precise navigation, one right instead of left and your lost just like on the brancehs of a tree.

Now if the package was left in open space you would be the decisionmaker re. path to take to get there and Lat/Long would be better leaving more freedom to you the finder.

Common is still that physical objects can only reside in one place - while "information" should really not reside in a specific place. My problem with taxonomy (and documents, and forms) that, I would never find the Marmotte (Marmotta Marmotta) in that; it looks like a beaver and it lives in holes in the ground up in the Alps - but no way, beaver'ish it is not, it's a member of the squirrel family! Who would know unless you've been trained? Squirrels for me are little furry things jumping around in the trees, not what the Marmotte does at all :D

We do indeed use tags on tags (see the image? Upper box is for tags that's been used to tag other tags) - thus enabling relationships in groups.

Best is still to open for a combination: In thingamy you can use the tags and the historical browser and the links to narrow down in a report or choice: Say in an account report - what did Dr. Peter's patients cost us last Tuesday, limited to muscular pain related costs! Or what respiratory ilness medication was taken by all resident of this address over last three years! Could be useful, and of course only possible using unique objects that are linked, tagged and time-stamped :)

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