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Jeff the Poustman

Love the turn-it-on-its-head critical thinking involved here, Sig. And the idea of having a single object with all the data *about* that object tied to it seems revolutionary to me.


Hehe, I would venture that it's turning-it-back-on-its-feet-again thinking!

I mean, in reality it's the things that are the focus, the stuff that is manipulated to increase value - so why bother with the fringe information when we do not have to do that anymore? :D


LOVE this thought Sig and quoting (in part)"What things happens" vs. "What happens to things"

Complex vs. simple.

46 vs. 1

Guess what tack thingamy is taking ;)

Questions and big ones, internal and external to the organization... who can track and see what is happening to thing? Anyone on staff (maybe they have an interest in thing? How about customers tracking their thing as it progresses from order to completion and delivery? What about suppliers who love thing and provide other things to thing in order to make thing complete and happy?

Can thingamy handle all of this?


Hey Sheamus, of course, that was a starting point - transparency equals trust and no pre-set borders defined by who's employed and who's not.

Beauty about a "thing" as data-bearer is that it opens to real time reality (no-need-for-reconciliation) reporting and look-over-shoulder. For this, you can define report-templates that dips into the at-all-times-up-to-date raw data, apply the logic you have defined and display the way you have set (without saving the manipulated data that inevitably ruins the fun for other types of reports) - and then decide who shall see it including customers, suppliers, distribution partners, all employees, board of directors, your wife, the neighbours. They're all important resources/players for the value creation are they not?

In addition there will be some graphical display of the processes so you can see progress in any process where you're a player - kind of ten-guys-in-one-room-startup applied to large organisations where humans can make decisions based on reality instead of "priority" rules and exclamation marks in e-mails :)

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