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Thomas Otter

Glad you enjoyed it.

I reckon you could/ should look closely at the netweaver toolset as a way to connect your stuff to core applications.


Thomas, been wracking my brains in that direction - but my stuff captures more than the SAP core, and even delivers the flow to capture that so I could not see why to connect to something - but I may be wrong though (happens ;))
Would it not be a bit like hitching a cart to a car I wonder? Hehe... still in the spirit of twisted views so guess once which I see as usually being behind a horse!
Nevertheless, this whole thing was nothing but a very positive experience - I'm most impressed by SAP now, good firm to relate to I would say!

Dennis Howlett

Sig - this is exactly the kind of innovation that makes SAP think hard - and that's a good thing. They could of course make you a ridiculous offer and ensure they kill off thingamy...if there is a price on that. Or... they could stick to what they said and talk about innovation around the edge, which you can do, and let the community decide where it wants to take thingamy next. That is equally good. Either way, the last thing SAP wants to be doing is pretending you don't exist.

To be fair to SAP, they've been trying to 'de-couple' for more than 6 years and gave up when they found the (at the time) 800 processes simply couldn't be disentangled without breaking the core process engine. They've componentised for everything since around 1998 but not dealt with the core. That's the bit they want to keep precious. Understandable even if 'we' don't necessarily agree.

So it is now about finding those places where an engine like thingamy fits well to SAP core and leaving them to tidy up the best practice areas they know they need to manage. To my mind, that's a good division of responsibility.


Dennis, I do get the point - and I am really wracking my brains as to how... but end up asking myself (beyond the how?)... but why?

You probably know by now that I do not necessarily buy the slingshot theory (for everybody) suggested by the keynote speaker, partly because he got the physics wrong as well ;)

Prashanth Rai

Sig, You have referenced my personal blog could you please link it to the CIO blog....http://cio-weblog.com, thats where i write tech stuff.


Fixed! Sorry about that Prashanth :)


Exceptionally good post Sig!

Can companies and other organization purchase and implement thingamy at this point in time?


Thanks Sheamus!

We're just now doing some much needed work on the interfaces and usability (never ending task of course), then some few features to add and more testing and it should be there as a very first version... late autumn if things goes smoothly.

That said we risk some getting frustrated by trying it out, bugs and all :)
Will probably let that group increase when the stuff gets a tad easier to use (= de-geeked). But I would not use it for critical stuff yet as we may still have basic changes coming up that would make current data hard to port to next versions...

And purchase will be easy as in "Here's the 30 MB, plonk it on any box and build and test and have fun / get frustrated. When you use it for real then you pay us per month and user. If you expand and build new processes, add those users to the payment as it happens. If you stop using it, then just stop paying us. All upgrades free of course." :)

Craig Cmehil

I must say you certainly had some radical ideas - it was great meeting you please be sure to have your son email what he's doing with his DB myself and several others on SDN are quite interested :-)

- Craig


Craig, great meeting you too, had a great - and interesting - time indeed!

Will try to glean something out of my young geek, but afraid that documentation is not a 17 year old strongest suit :D

Craig Cmehil

Would a t-shirt help motivate? ;-)

Marilyn Pratt

Actually Sig, it's me feeling lucky to have had the chance to meet you at TechEd. I'm offering a belated thanks to you for your patience and enthusiasm in explaining Thingamy to me in Amsterdam, in terms that even a techno-ignorati could digest.

And while it has taken me a bit of time (a month at least) to get around to the thanks for that generous explanation, and find your blog, and read through these threads, and take notice of a number of your very interesting fellow travelers here, I think thanks are still in order and hope that late is better than not at all.

The path here is interesting. While continuing to look to promote fresh conversations in the BPX space, I met Thomas Otter and possibly because I’m still fairly new at wrapping my head around this gift of unstructured communication modalities, here in the blog world and the realm of business social networks, this took me on a wild (unstructured) link ride and read, leading me (how very ironic) back to your contents Sig and thoughts about Thingamy.

So when the same cast of characters seems here assembled before me, (the names growing more familiar daily) I’m thinking, here’s a play worth watching, and maybe even participating in. Here are folks that are passionate about their conversation, passionately defending market free style of speech, and I’m wondering, can we transmit that same quality of spirit into our BPX community?

I guess the answer is simply to invite some of the conversationalists to bring the play over to BPX and help ensure that we will have discussions with folks who are not just pontificating, but also really listening to one another.


Marilyn, thanks for your kind words!

And as said before - I was amazed by the openness I met (and the smart people of course!) at SAP, that's the way it should be.

I know that Mark balked at me joining in at the BPX a bit when he found out that "thingamy does accounting too..." - of course ... probably ;)

But I'm more of the "open source competing" school (if there is one that is) as described a few post later here.

Keep up the good work, what you're doing with the SDN/BPX is not only good for SAP but also for the community out there and that is after all the objective of doing business for us all!

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