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John Dodds

I can introduce you to far too many! Glad the book is good,I've enjoyed reading his blogposts on the subject.


The very first company I worked for had an asshole as the CEO (president, founder and all-around asshole). I'm not going to name names, but there were two separate occasions where the guy told me to my face (and with other employees standing around) that he was going to kick my ass - in one, I laughed at him and the other I just walked away shaking my head. I didn't last very long there, only about a year and a half.


interesting discussion ... I was always the smallest person in my class - yes, even the girls were usually bigger than me ... mostly because I was a fairly smart kid and skipped a couple of years of school early on, so i was 2 years younger than most of my class. I also had a big family, with 3 older brothers and 2 older sisters. So I learned early how to handle assholes in general and bullies in particular, and my method is to make their behaviour as painful for them as possible. That means you have to be prepared to take a few beatings, but like I said, lots of siblings so I took a few beatings whether I was prepared to or not. If you're going to take one anyway, then make sure you get something out of it.
It's *not* about winning the contest, which is rarely possible in such situations where you're badly over-matched - it's about making the contest so painful for the victor that the pleasure is not worth the pain.
I've found that your occasional or opportunistic asshole will often become a chronic asshole if you let their initial asshole gambit go unanswered. My policy, and my advice to all, is: Hit Back, Hard.
(Naturally, in business, the contest is often conversational and rarely physical, but the same principles seem to apply.)

Cornerstone OnDemand could use one

Cornerstone OnDemand could use one.

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