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Now go run China - remember to take 30megs of Thingamy and make your peace with Mao's "Under heaven everything is chaos, situation excellent" - "天下大乱, 形势大好". Enjoy!

Jeff Wiebe

Love the new developments, Sig. Incorporating the 'vision' (ugh, buzzword, but still a good word if thought about rather than just blathered) into the process from the very first moment is fantastic.

From this post I think Thingamy has taken a major step forward.

I respectfully suggest a rethinking of the 'Thingamy' name itself, however. What about
'EntreprenUser'? I'm cheering for the product, and 'Thingamy' is fine for the developers and fans, but beyond that I suggest it will be a detriment.


Thanks Jeff, cheering is highly appreciated!

Hehe, I do suspect a few would agree with you re the name... when I go through security at big firms, plotting down my name and company it happens more often than not that they stop me and ask for the "real" company name!

It's background is simply none. No meaning whatsoever. Our product was unlike all existing stuff so we had no word for it ending up in that, that... thingamy!

The first time I got a thumbs down, although in less friendly tones (that's not serious!) was from some marketroids at IBM, upon which I decided that the name must be a good one :D

But you're right - depending on who we want to talk to, names and behaviour and writings and all end up being a filter. And our filter is definitely a filter.

And for that, here's a discussion I had once: Some managment consultant drew a pyramid on a napkin in a bar for me, on the top end you had the few companies and the big bucks and he told me "that is where you need to be!"

My response after a sip of the beer was to turn the pyramid upside-down where I defined the most radical people to be the bottom tip and the mass of conservatives (the serious people) on the broad top - and pointed to the bottom tip "this is where I want to be!"

In the sense that a company is not an entity, it's about people - and today the freethinking radical geeky people are listened to even by the conservative big bosses. And some of them tend to rise upwards, like the Jeff Bezos and the Steve Jobs of this world.

And given that thingamy does not require a top down waterfall implementation, it thrives best starting with a small process and building from there until it has gobbled up all processes. A Trojan horse method. For that we do not need the signatures of the big'ones, we need radical friends that can only gain by doing something crazy from within. Extremely low risk, huge upside makes for a nice no-brainer for our friends within the big corporations.

So thus the filter - for now... I think :) (But you never know, I'm listening intensely!)


Pure poetry Sig!

I'll re-read this (GREAT!) post several times over the next few days and then comment in substance!

John Dodds

Definitely moving fast in the right direction in respect of usability and user comprehension, but Flow still worries me. Is Process a more intuitive name for this?


John, perhaps - and certainly a term I mulled a lot over (still mulling).

Thing is; "process" felt a bit rigid, flow is still a sequential thing so it could cover the same but now with some more leeway. And as thingamy is "object driven" instead of "event or transaction" driven it allows for more "punting of the ball" in spontaneous (but preset paths) directions during a... work-flow.

The thinking was to use terms that are slightly iffy, just enough to hint - then let the user easily try out what he understood the hint to be.
If a term is very specific it could still be understood differently from group to group, and then become a source to all kinds of misunderstandings.

And I felt "process" to be a bit specialised and too specific and thus risk becoming misleading.

But I suspect I'll learn more as we move forward!

John Dodds

Agreed - process was my immediate alternate offer but, as you say, is loaded with preconceptions that perhaps are too rigid. My problem with Flow is that flow is what happens to Things when some sort of "process/combination" is inflicted upon them. Flow is the outcome of imposing a "process" on them.

The user/programmer causes the flow to happen by doing something else and it is this "something else" which i think is the correct name for this category. Is "Action" or "Act" a possibility?


John, you're very close to something that's close to my thinking/attitude when tinkering with "process" - more like "do it", just do it... get going, jump to it, let it flow, don't plan too much :)

Action or act might not be quite it.. yet... hmmm. "Make"...? Nah, definitely a brain-teaser!

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