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Dannie Jost

Hi Sig! I was wondering how you did them statistics... But I suppose that is beyond the poing. Now, what would you consider a good thing to watch over the holidays?


Hi Dannie!

Ah, the statistics, very thoroughly using much precaution to gather the facts and... eh... I got the sum right did I not? That's good enough I would think ;)

Hehe, nahh, just that when I was a kid "hände hoch!" was the thing now it's "I'm your new boss!" - progress eh?

Good question, what would I recommend? "Love actually", "About a boy" perhaps in the very light genre, or some series... "Firefly" (sadly only one season, boy stuff though), "West Wing" I have to admit I like a lot, anything Jaques Tati, Wallace and Gromit of course, ah, and yes, "Les Triplettes de Belleville"! ;)

Dannie Jost

Thanks Sig. I think I could get stuck or borrow your DVD library and not regret it.


So if 24 is all about hierarchies and command-n-control, does that make Bauer the "maverick at work"?


Ric, yep, he would be my inhouse undercover thingamy implementer, not too fuzzy about chain-of-control, a doer, able to understand the incomprehensible, impervious to pain... :D


Of all those characteristics, "impervious to pain" is probably the most useful in a command hierarchy ...:-)

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