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Agile feels right and makes sense... How cool is that!

And JP's post is wonderful!!

And... LOVE Jasper Johns orientation!!!

Micheal Craig

Waterfall is dead. Agile will rule expecially with Gen Xer's starting to dominate the workforce.

Micheal Craig

Many companies are starting to feel the full effects of the wasted time and opportunities that comes with following the waterfall method. Craig Larman once said that software development is not predictive manufacturing and he is dead right.

Abandon waterfall!



Micheal, the problem is often that most "big" systems like legacy ERP systems, even BPxx systems requires waterfall. They're not built for anything but a comprehensive all-included implementation on the first shot.

And with waterfall comes a side-effect: You end up mapping ways and means as they are today, no experimenting, no using IT for what it's worth to create new ways... and in best case you end up with 3% efficiency increase, never a "factor of ten" upside when doing things in new ways. Sigh :)

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