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Paul Robinson

You could of course sell a beta subscription to what you have.

"Give me $x now, and you can spend the next six months playing with this getting a head-start on everybody else".

Do it right, you could go without the funding and retain your equity. Cashflow is always a better option than taking investment.


Paul, agree to both points.

But (heh, why always a but...)

I really like the adoption to be a "no brainer", not a "sale" which requires convincing and much song and dance. So we offer it for free to tinker with and sometimes help a bit in building some early prototype or pilot.
Thus the risk for the "buyer/inside evangeliser" is limited to some work and hours while the upside will be as you mentioned.
When in daily use license fee per user and month kicks in, no binding, all upgrades and support included of course.

(Then of course we think that one process will expand to next process (and more users), then next etc. Trojan Horse'y so to say)

I could always wiggle financially sideways as before, but at some point in time one needs to crank up and this seems to be the right time. With that kind of extra pressure my focus wanders and then it might be worth it to part with a bit - expensive yes - and obviously not if it gets counterproductive due to "funny" term sheets. That would make the exercise moot anyway... ;)


You could always get a good sales engineer in? ref: todays dilbert, http://www.dilbert.com (that would be tuesdays)

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