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John Dodds

Re: 3 Can I suggest you embark on a very short-lived enthusiasm for Ferraris?


Working on it, working on it... six step plan:
1) Finish thingamy to commercial status. February.
2) Help people get started using it. February onwards.
3) First low volume public trading of thingamy shares.
3) Whole world replaces all other software.
4) Embark on Ferrari collecting.
5) Get bored with Ferraris, start collecting Aston Martins.
6) Remember John helping out with 2 & 4 above, try to unload Ferraris on him. But he has own collection as he was early buyer in 3 above. :D


Thank you Sig! ;)

John Dodds

A six point process - that's rather prolonged for Thingamy! Not that I'm impatient.

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