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Dennis Howlett

That's OK Sig and I'm broadly with you - all I'm really after are skeletons - you know GL/AR/AP - something like that. If that can happen then you've done the Erasure thing...95% pain removed.


Whilst I broadly agree with what you are saying, experience of building and deploying something *vaguely* similar but nowhere near as powerful ( at www.teamknowledge.co.uk ) showed me that even with the best intentions people like a starting point and don't like staring at blank screens.

If you were to provide templates as a starting point for processes then from my experience it was the flow _between_ processes where people got the most benefit. I should clarify I am not suggesting full-blown templates of entire processes, but rather template used in a similar manner to design patterns are used within UML, small chunks of commonly repeated patterns that can be easily connected to build powerful processes.

The obvious bonus to not providing anything of the sort, of course, is that you are going to appeal to actively keen customers who *will* take the time to do the work, as opposed to those who end up asking you to do it all - which makes me wonder about if you're looking for people to consult with Thingamy users on their implementation?


Ross, you're right on two points:

1) People need something more than a blank screen.

A bit like when you buy a big Lego car set, 2000 pieces. Very simple step by step instructions and soon one gets the hang of it, connecting the dots.
Thus I foresee snippets, small processes - a procurement process, a hospital reception through MD appointment etc.
Just as illustration, never pretending to be stand alone applications though :)

2) Yes we'd like to work with SIs / IT and Management Consultants!

This for more than one reason: I think thingamy can be a good tool for such to quickly build a demo (two hours) to illustrate a simple process based on a user story heard over lunch at a customer's. Something that works is much easier to sell!

Then with a small process covered, five users, next step would be to build the tail and head processes, then add more... Trojan Horse...

Thus the small and medium sized consultants can get into a long term relationship offering the build support, and that is where the support is needed most of the time.

For me it's simple - that's the only way I can scale with any speed. :)

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