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John Dodds

But if you eliminate filing - what will the bureaucrats and their support staff have to do?


Impossible question, impossible... wonder what the windmill operators and blacksmiths were retrained to? :)


"Worse, those 19 years of experience is not easy to use efficiently as nobody would know where to pipe a request or issue." - even worse: the business would soon learn that only one person knew everything, so EVERY request would go to that person, and you would effectively only use 10 years of experience, not even the 19.


Ric, you're so right and you point to something very important - how nature "finds ways" when something is broken. Break the top off a tree...

Hmmm, time to pick up one of my favourite themes again - organisational hierarchies and how bad they really are as the main supplier of structure for resource use and creation of value!;)

John Dodds

And, of course if you focus on the process (aka user/customer experience), the results will follow.


please tell me abaut "all capital is wealth but all wealth is not capital


Ruku, not sure what you mean :)

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