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Ian Prince

Couldn't agree more.



it is documented over and over again that constantly asking why is the path to greatness


Mary, and it's the cornerstone of philosophy, most important word ever perhaps?
Kids asks it every day, grownups are seen as provocative when using it... no wonder why they say "philosophy and climbing are two things you do not learn, they are something you forget!"


local bank provides a service to customers which allows them to purchase shares of stock in a local software company. The commission that a customer must pay for a stock purchase transaction is calculated using the amount of money that the customer will pay for the stock. If the customer is purchasing less that $100 of stock, the commission rate is 20 percent. If the customer is paying between $100 and $200 for the stock, the commission rate is 15 percent. If the customer is paying over $200 for the stock, the commission rate is 10 percent.
Can you write an algorithm that determines the commission rate as a percentage given the number of shares the customer will purchase and the price per share of the stock.


Nice blog - couldn't agree more with whatever you said. Keep up the good work!


Cisco support

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