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John Dodds

Software company, speed of change? Hmmm, must be reference to policy of quickly releasing many versions and updates so as to maximise cashflow.


John, a good suggestion of course... for me it has a twang of "we just follow the changes", but does not fit reality either!

One of life's mysteries that one... :D

Dennis Howlett

Sig - I thought it was the designers who ran the show at the auto companies supported by the outsourced engineers?


Dennis, interesting point as designers often are coupled close to the engineers or the marketing department.

Design as an intricate part of the functionality or as a result of market research and channel segmentation and target market and other analytics.
So either you get back seat leg space constrained by the need to have a perfect 50/50 weight balance (the 1 series I'm currently driving) or really practical cupholders. Some wants one, most wants all etc.

Suspect it's easier to add cupholders than shifting weight distribution - easier to add neat UIs than a solid back end - front end integration etc.

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