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Balaji Sowmyanarayanan

There is a lot of parallel between a live human and a live biz.
The Chair/CEO has parallels to Intent and Action at individual level.
The command and control hierarchy is parallel to moral system. They work to some extent. Their functionality is more as a support structure.
Zen and Zen masters help individuals transcend( the support structure) and let intelligence flourish.
If you want to free the biz from the command and control/hierarchy - is Sig/Thingamy Zen? How? Why? Why not?
Or how can you effect biz liberation with/because of Thingamy?

-Balaji S.



excellent point that! Must study...

But as for Zen on cannot "push" anybody into liberation from the C&C structures (that in itself wold be C&C!) - so thingamy is in fact a replacement but when building a Business Model you can virtualise the good old C&C hierarchy for the sake of "I'm used to it" or "still don't believe we can live without it" or "are you nuts or what?".
Then when using it perhaps find out one day that you actually do not need those titles and business rules and Monday morning meetings or...

Prepare the environment and let it happen by itself is always to be preferred me thinks!

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