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James Governor

just to clarify i wrote a blog about discontinuous productivity- it was anne zelenka that took the idea, named it, and ran with it- the burtsy vs. busy economies.


James Dellow

You're description of "management" sounds more like something that even pre-dates Taylorism. I wonder, do you see leadership as something that is intuitive?


James, good question! And hard to answer... :)

Off the top of my head I would include everything that is needed in order to say "hey, that is great leadership, she's a good leader".

That would be two things I think, obviously with a very fuzzy border between them - one thing conscious that can be learned and trained, the other what could be termed as intuitive or even personality:

1. The framework, the conscious actions - as leadership requires transparency and predictability (or at least consistency) the framework and methods must be in place for that. Included would be a "personal framework" that can be learned (hard!) when certain aspects of one's personality (see 2. below) needs adjustment. Like a short fuse that needs to be held back.

2. The personal traits - that could be argued is the intuitive part. The instant reactions, the body language, the tone of voice, every little detail that others "read". As important as 1. above I think. Note though when we learn new ways consciously first (see 1. above again) it slowly becomes intuitive. So perhaps all except the physical methods and framework ends up under the label "intuitive"?

Will give that one more thought though, thanks!

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