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Ian Prince

Hi Sig,

Wow, Kraftwerk, haven't listened to them for ages. Got to admit I was more of a Yellow Magic Orchestra fan


Off to see Björk tonight in concert, should be great.

So what's your take on Rasmussen?


Ian, ahh, Björk, that would be something!

And Rasmussen... well, not sure, actually crossing my fingers for Contador, he's impressive and we need a new generation now!

John Dodds

Fahren fahren fahren auf der autobahn



Ian Prince

Björk was spectacular! Her voice is simply out of this world. There's complexity and audacity to her music that I find inspiring.

Aaron - also playing last night at Paleo - were also brilliant, in a different way:


I'll stop now before this turns into MySpace ;-)

Clive Birnie

nothing wrong with a bit of Kraftwerk. Techno music for technophiles...

Jon Husband

It was quite the tour, wasn't it ?

Do you think Rasmussen's career is now kaput ?


Yep, methinks it was one of the better ones - the last time trial was simply nailbiting and grand entertainment - for cycling fans at least!

For the no-so-big-fans-of-watching-hourlong-pedalling the bigger picture of doping was intriguing:

As a starting point cycling has a long history of serious doping, until just recently mostly pain relievers in all flavours (cocaine, ether, amphetamines and worse) as it's often about enduring pain.

Three things came out of this tour in my view:

- A willingness by the commercial interests (TdF) to risk bad publicity, stopping TV distribution, even stopping of the tour, when clamping down on any discrepancy. You do not see that often in other sports.

- The Rasmussen case; not following the rules to the last detail, even if not caught doping, means same as getting caught. Again not many other sports you hear doing this, random and intense off season testing. And yes, think that will put him onto the back burner.

- That focus now also is on the team support and leadership as those are inevitably populated by folks hailing from the "good old days" of less control and probably more cheating. Guess much can be done sorting out the attitudes there.

Perhaps the brouhaha in cycling will rub off on other professional sports?

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