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Sebastian Hassinger

More than ok, Sig - it's your right! This seems to be a case of the type of confusion that "Open Source as religion" can cause. In fact Open Source is at its most powerful and useful in the space of "solved problems" -- operating systems and the like. In a case like Thingamy where you are trying to solve a problem in a unique, non-traditional way, it's imperative to have the creative power tightly coupled to the project, which going Open Source would undermine.


Thanks Sebastian!

I think some of the confusion is around the license vs. the actual code.

I like the "copyleft" way of thinking and if I were to build templates (actual running models, vertical solutions) that would be the license I would strive for given that my interest would be "spread the use!" and stick to license fees from the kernel.
A consultant might do it differently and use a more old fashioned license on the build, and that would be his right.

Code on the other hand is very useful for the end user if he wants to tweak - and we're keeping that in mind trying over time to keep as much outside the kernel as possible. In the beginning just small, but important stuff, API, CSS, images for layout - all open. Later more I hope.

But for the kernel - I still think Linus does show the way there, some control is required. :)

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