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Cornel Schoeman

A lot of companies have embraced new software models, and SAP have certainly the best opportunity to make a great success with the SAAS model.

We are eager to see the uptake of the product.

Luca Manassero

Saas has been around for a long time, at least as an internal option at many big business players around the world: I worked for one of them, when SAAS wasn't yet an IT buzzword and still we were implementing an internal *BIG* SAP system (40 plants worldwide) as an SAAS.

Sometimes you (SAP) need a new product because... you need a new product!
We all wish SAP best of luck: it's just depressing to see a new buzzword arising from a somewhat *old* idea.
The next point on the slide is BusinessOne: I hope this proximity ;-) won't affect BBD.
That one was/is a fairly poor approach.


Luca, you're right - and what puzzles me no end is that nobody (?) questions the fuzziness of the term.

SaaS consists of many factors - contract terms, hosting, updates, support.

Take a non SaaS product and:
Tweak contract terms to more "use then pay" and one is almost there, hosting can be inhouse but more and more frequently at some server farm anyway, updates can be done by software itself (heck that's what my Macbook does all the time) - leaving only support, which is easy to organise as if it was SaaS.

All in all, extremely hard to discern the borders between the terms me thinks.

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