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Tomi Itkonen

Googled this arbitrary UML diagram:

In that diagram, there are verbs like "describes", "sponsors" and "publishes" between classes.

So, the way I see it, the current crop of enterprise applications only models those classes omitting the relationships between. Thingamy, however, will "put the verb back" and thus create a more complete model of the enterprise.


Tomi, quite.

Although we let the objects itself have triples (not only classes!) describing the relationship between specific objects.

That allows for all kind of craziness - say in accounting (just discussed with John by mail) - now Semantic Accounting:

Q: What is "inventory"?
A: Products and parts that we own and that resides in one of our warehouses. (Depending on GAAP of course).
Solution: Triples added to product and part objects with predicator and object: ".... is owned by Company" and "... is located in Warehouse X, row 14"

That way the system can pick up the value of the objects at the point of time required and produce an Inventory.

Now why is that good?

Every now and then the regulatory bodies changes the rules, semantically I should add, which you can apply in the system by changing the "filtering rules" in the accounting templates without touching the data as such. Given an extensive use of triples on objects of course, preferably anything remotely interesting of course...

In that case, if you go all over board and your boss wants a report on the value of all products sold to customer XY over the last three years produced by operator Peter on rainy days only - well, doable again! (Useless report probably, but accounting and tax rules changes may be rather inscrutable too!)

Tomi Itkonen

Thank you Sig once again for your clarifications.

It will be very interesting to see what's the actual implementation of these concepts.

Tomi Itkonen

Forgot to mention... With all these breakthrough features, please put effort to the user interface. In other words, grab an UI team which is capable of understanding the underlying concepts and providing an excellent experience for the end-user.

But I'd guess you are planning to do exactly that as soon as the more important decisions have found their answers... ;)


Tomi, do I know it, do I know it!

It's high up on the list now, get this fork up and tweaked and yes, then. Gonna be interesting though to translate "simple but very different" concepts into something that is possible to grasp, fast.

Wish me luck! Need it... :)

Tomi Itkonen

Yep. Good luck with the UI side, Sig!

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