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Brian Kelly

Hi Sigurd
It was a good event, wasn't it.
For info, a summary of the session myself and my colleague Paul Walk ran is available at
More importantly, before the JISC corporate identity police start chasing you JISC stands for Joint Information Systems Committee and not
Joint Information Systems Conference

Brian Kelly, UKOLN


Brian, thanks!

Fixed... too many acronyms, almost as bad as in France... hehe :D

And thanks to you and all the others, had a grand time!

Paul Hollins

Thanks for your comments Sigurd, weve had a good response to the conference , wish I had had more time than the two breakfast meets to chat with you I heard great things about your contribution to the sessions.

ps glad Brian got the corporate police poke in early..


Thanks Paul,

really appreciated the invite!

And in a sense why not say "and now it starts" ;)

Scott put together a list of processes that "could need" some structure and sorting out - a perfect intellectual and practical challenge, so now I'm tinkering with some prototypes.

Such discussions becomes much easier and fun the moment you actually can click on something, fill in stuff, get workorders and create reports - right up my alley that!

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