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David F. Flanders

So what do you think of Google new OS (Android) and its activity based workflow? Hi -by the way- met you at CETIS conf briefly. I like your ideas, but looking for some pragmatic examples amidst the theory (real world or mathematical).


Hi David,

not sure how Android will deliver workflow beyond the obvious (and not bad that as such) - "connecting" applications (tasks are still application centered, so flow it'll be) as is the common approach to frameworks in the BRP space. See most of MS' efforts as same.

And that in my view delivers no "fresh snow for paths to be created" - i.e. no capture of the flows themselves thus little or no accountability, learning (reuse of solutions and process) nor the opportunity to better the process (you need to know what the process is before you can better it).

Ah, pragmatic - well, only one I can show you is Thingamy (of course :-) - and still only in demo form! But pragmatic it is, delivering BRP framework that captures the ongoing for reports and bettering of flows. Still having the flexibility... enough "infomercials" now! So for pragmatism live you'll have to ping or mail me and fire up your Skype ;)

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