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Paul P Magee




it's the future.



Hehe, sounds more like the past! Who's not leaving ****book these days :)

Alan Wilensky

I am so with you on this it's scary. How many cloned horizontal video and social net sites can raise how many rounds? I have proven to capital sources, the ones I can get to, that my sector for the the proposed product is empty of direct competition - an unrecognized and undeserved market. Not good from their POV, they need to see action in the sector, and my data might be compelling, they can't risk it on me, a lone idea man -albeit a technical savvy one.


Alan, on first sight it's rather baffling, but if you look around and into history it's nothing new. We're social creatures, we live fr the peer pat-on-the-back which almost always means go with the flow. It's like my friend Hugh (of gapingvoid fame) says - "don't try to stand out from the crowd, avoid crowds altogether!"

And in fact the situation is a huge opportunity: I have a friend who's a farmer, every fall he goes to farmer's conventions and listens; if all say that next year they're going for crop B (usually because crop B made wads of money that past year) he'll go for crop C. And year after year the popular crop price takes a dive while my friend does good.

If the VCs and everybody else focus on one part of the economy it means many new firms will be funded and most of them will burn money and then loose - a sure-fire recipe for low margins and unexpected competitors coming up from behind the week after you launched.

That supplies an opportunity, do the opposite - a wide open barn door - for me enterprise software is not-so-very-popular which means higher chance of better margins and definitely few new and unexpected competitors coming from behind. I will probably have my competitors in front of me, in plain sight while they won't see me coming from behind.

The only snag of course, harder to raise funds - but the trade-off is not bad at all, I would say it's a trade-off I would take any day! So focus has to be shifted from "funding" to "bootstrapping" - itself a worthy and fun exercise ;)

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