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Kishore Balakrishnan

1) Please point to a post explaining "open sandbox"
2) Reg "such [task / ticket] tend to slip away to the bottom of the list" - If the creator of the ticket has the problem.. why woul it slip to the bottom of the creator's list?


Hi Kishore,

1) The sandbox is rather simple, "rectangular wooden box with sand", a place for kids to play and build little castles and roads and get dirty :)

2) Not on his list I suppose, that's the point, he has ownership until entered, but have no control in something that functions like a "sandbox" and there it might quickly drown in other issues added by others - thus ending on the bottom. When drowned out there is very little he can do.

Anil Prajapati

Hello Sig,
Have you checked cyn.in? an enterprise collaboration software.

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