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Dennis Howlett

Excellent response Sig and one I should have riffed in the first place. You can be sure that will be qu.2 when we get to SAPPHIRE. Qu.1 is WTF is happening with BBD?


Actually it's a question that could be asked any company - the seed of becoming part of the long tail it is :)

Q 1 is a twist to the same question - a big bet on yet another tweak to the same old same old instead of doing a wee rethink?

All R&D (as well as everything else) starts at board level though, that'll be the ones to ask...

John Dodds

Agreed gentleman, if their business has matured they should be increasing R & D in order to find their next growth area before profits begin to truly mature and thus fall.


I am sure they could invest in emergence technologies to keep and increase their leadership.

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