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Looks like a nice ride, I might do it or parts of it in September:) 3200 that is not bad for one day.


great riding with you.
Next year it needs to be longer than just a day!
(ps I reckon your Garmin is overegging the altitude a bit, we have had the same problem..)


yep, the Garmin do add a bit. Compared with my earlier identical rides with the Polar 725 - it seems to add 40%.

To my knowledge/guesswork there seems to be two sources of errors:

- The Polar, using atmospheric pressure, do not add up the "little" bumps.
- The Garmin is really not very precise in getting elevation right while moving thus it might add up non-existing bumps...


Looks like a very fun route!

the Edge 605 and 705 has altitude problems
and needs a firmware update

the 305 is far more accurate (strangely enough)

It also depends what program is reading the GPS data. for example the Garmin owned motionbased butchers the data.

I use sporttracks as a log book and it has far better smoothing algorithms, etc (after some configuration and my altitude usually well matches known climbs.


Hi Will,

it certainly was a fun route - and quite surprising for me as it was inbetween other routes I know well.

Mine is a 305, using Garmin Training Center to suck out data, then exporting to iSMART train which I have used for many years. But will check out Sporttracks.

Your post on Ventoux was enticing, might take the car over next weekend and do the usual Bedoin route :)
Saw your starting point, last year I ran an orienteering race around the corner there, amazing terrain and views - get to see and face (more than literally) the terrain a bit closer when doing those ;)

p.s. Love your blog, keep it up - very inspiring when sitting in the office thinking about what to do next weekend!

Bike Bali

so wonderful. Your area looks flat and nice for cycling. i love this kind of place. we uasually do a down hill cycling with mountainous areas. rather easy than your area.
Keep on sharing

Forklift Guy

I have always wanted to ride a trip like this, but my 6'10" frame doesn't like bikes too well and they don't seem to like me seeing the number of them that I've killed in my life! Hey, but I guess I can live vicariously through you guys!

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