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Why do you hate paypal?
Which (no-setup-fee) alternatives would you suggest?


Hi Gideon,

thanks for prompting me re PayPal!

Typically, this time I think I had to refill most fields at least three times: I followed "my" natural flow as in filling in name and so forth, error, told to fill in amount first (which was in a different "box" so I actually did not see that first), start over, fill in name and credit card number, choose country, and pow; hit by automation and all changed into empty and French this time, start over again, click on submit, error again, not allowed to use that credit card because it was already registered (how could I remember that?) so I had to log in, and again, fill in fields...
If I had been paid by the hour the donation would have been the cheapest part of the exercise :)

Not what I would call a natural flow, nor very trust inspiring when using a payment service!

As to alternatives, no idea to be honest. When there is one I'll be there!

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