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Ian Prince

Hi Sig,

This reminds me of the distinction between effectiveness (doing the right thing) and efficiency (doing a thing right). Applied here, good leaders are effective, and good managers are efficient.

As much as efficiency and effectiveness are both important, I would stress the opposite relationship than the one you are stressing: i.e. that efficiency is of no use if there is no effectiveness, that is to say that good managers are of no use if they have no good leaders. FWIW, there's quite a good thread on "Efficient v Effective" at http://www.thinkingmanagers.com/blog/2005/11/23/peter-drucker-effective-efficient

Bruce Lynn

Great debate on Leadership vs. Management and tons of perspectives. I've covered many in my blog on the topic over the years. My own model looks how people approach 'risk', the upsides and downsides respectively.


@Ian - But I do agree, leadership is needed, managing is merely a framework for things to be done and can even do without managers.

It's very parallel to strategy and business model, the latter cannot exist without the first, and strategy cannot disperse without leadership :)

@Bruce - ah, "how people approach risk", I like that, going deeper into what drives people, leaders or managers.
Obviously leaders have a different approach to risk than a manager mindset. Again the strategy (the why and what) vs. business model (how) where inevitably the former have much risk, the latter not as much.
Will give that risk approach some contemplation...

Dr. Jim Anderson

Sig, good points all around. However, you didn't answer the most important question: how does one become a leader? There are plenty of books/courses on how to become a manger - it's basically all about processes. However, that leadership thing is about inspiring and connecting with others. Much more difficult to do. There are no simple answers - this is where IT mentoring can really shine.
- Dr. Jim Anderson
The Business of IT Blog - www.TheBusinessOfIT.com


Hi Jim,

well... not an easy one, and perhaps that's the crux - that there is no single path, no simple recipe nor one set of rules that works.

Is it not like everything else in life? Start with understanding "where to go", then understand oneself (the hardest part I would imagine) - with those two in hand like a map and compass, try to combine them and one might have a clue how to get there. Including the all-important tools for when one is lost or need to change path.

Thus the general discussion may have to remain focused on the "where to go" part leaving the self-insight and path decisions to the individual. I'm inclined to think so... :)

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