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Lee Chisholm

Hey Sig,
This was actually a really interesting blog to read... I know I remember fielding the exact question to you once. "Why not SaaS up Thingamy and makes a zillion dollars off of it that way too??!".

I guess though SaaS is actually a little over-hyped when you break it down to it's parts. There's software, and then there's hosting. SaaS is just the combination of those two things. When you really think about it, not offering the ability to split the two apart is highly inflexible.

One could still be a wonderful SaaS vendor, but perhaps they would score a few extra bonus points if they offered the ability to buy the software outright for use on personal / corporate internal servers.


Hey Lee, and thanks :)

Guess also that there's one aspect often forgotten for software designed to run as a server (i.e. communicate through TCP/IP) and that would be the hassle of installing.

Often it requires setting up and configuring separate systems beyond the core software you're selling - typically DBMS and webserver - making onsite versions a bitch to start up.

Me being very, very lazy Thingamy is set up to behave like it was any simple app running locally - DBMS and webserver are both intricate part of it, the only thing to choose would be 1. what DB to run (pick from list in interface upon start up, only if more than one present) and 2. what port to use (defaulting to 9000 but can use any chosen one).

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