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Deadlines are such an artificial contstraint - reaching a particular doesn't guarantee that work has been done, or that the work actually meets a need ... what I said once before: http://aqualung.typepad.com/aqualung/2007/03/dates_are_not_m.html


Woops - "reaching a particular DATE" ...


Do you have any suggestions for the fourth step? I like the ideas you have presented, but I am having trouble envisioning something that meets the requirements of step four (I am stuck in a Gantt chart frame of mind today).



@ric - excellent, I missed that one!

@dyonto - not easy to answer, but easy still as that is exactly what I'm tinkering with (that Thingamy thing, links on the right).

But in essence it should be doable with other means as well, do not have a clear answer as to what though, but what one needs is a real framework that actually allows transparency and delivery of tasks in the right sequence at the right time.

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