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great story! (well, not so, but you know what I mean :)
The only issue is that the trucks now go on a few hundred thousand roads at once so you need not one but that many windscreens.. and as you might imagine, doing some weird interpolation to 'aggregate' them (a.k.a the dashboard) doesn't really work.

Kishore Balakrishnan

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Mary Anne Davis

Here's hoping you write a book. This is good!

Gregory Y

As entertaining as it is, I still wonder what is "the direct representation of reality"? Without getting into philosophical discussion about our ability to agree on definitions of reality, we still process any information, we are exposed to, based on some commonly agreed set of conventions - which is a filter right there. IMO the only change which would make dramatic difference is excruciating transparency and direct accountability of the "truck" drivers. "Collective", "social", "crowdsourcing" evaluation and interpretation of their performance in interactions with a reality of the market place may provide a meaningful baseline for comparison. "Sunlight is the best disinfectant".



"direct representation of reality"... Could be more than one solution there as you correctly points to the subjective filters we're all using.

But there are some objective(?) measures that can be taken I think, let me try a practical example where accounting is the indirect one:

Take a widget procured in raw form by a company, then painted and sold.

In current systems the widget is not really represented directly as a data-object, if you want to know something about the widget in question you have to sift through the transaction-representations like purchase order, shipping papers, reports from the shipping dock, production report, sales invoice and more shipping papers.

First of all this indirect representation leaves lot of opportunity for errors - miss-spellings, wrong account chosen by book keeper - that's why we have reconciliation and CPAs.

Now the alternative: Let the widget be represented directly by a data-widget-object. Then let it have metadata like relations to other objects in the system like "widget-object, is owned by, person-object", "widget-object, is located in, location-object" and so forth. Let the system also deliver work orders and register changes to the relations and properties of the widget-object (like colour changes from NIL to Blue) - in time.
Then a sales report for December would be a query "add up value of all widget-objects that changed the relationship "is owned by" from us to anybody else in December.

This, for my humble logic, would certainly be a more direct representation of reality.

That would make the result real time and correct and the logic applied by a book-keeper for each sales invoice would have been replaced by one single one; the query logic. If wrong all are wrong, if right no need for the CPA (more than once to check the query).

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I don't understand how to believe this technology is for better than we had. The accident rate have been increasing lately that may be attributed to this newer technology.

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