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Very enlightning as usual, Sig!
[By the way, Happy New Year!]

The trouble seems to be that IT is tightly connected to something "repeatable", at least in most people's mind, and processes you mentioned being only barely repeatable, to be supported by IT need to be made "a little repeatable", and there you quickly get into a vicious circle.
The mind behind the software needs therefore to find what they have in common and make it "repeatable" (well, sort of).
Still, most managers need to be educated to think that BRP's CAN be software-supported, i. e. the smart & enlightened Business Technology Consultant (forget IT, that's old...) must convey the message that technology and repeating are NOT tighten together!
Business Technology should be exactly THIS leap forward: forget about automating stuff and start thinking about flexible and creative knowledge supporting business.


Thanks Luca, and a Happy New Year to you!

Yep, I hear it all the time - some perception of the term "process" is almost impossible to loose. Seems like it's inherited from early industrialisation (guess that's when the term came to life).

Indeed it is everything that we do, anything where activities comes in a sequence - and there are no definition that says it means linear, repeatable or automation!

It's when you move the ability to choose (change) path at most junctions during a process it becomes BRP.

Actually I'm falling back to the Pipeline vs Riverbed metaphor: Linear, repeatable, automation = Pipeline, allowing people to think and act freely within a framework, well then the framework is a Riverbed!

Definitely much to do in this area, and much to gain for those who will try!

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