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Clive Birnie

Who needs Sir Richard? I am sure we can do it between us Sig!


Absolutely! So let's do it :D
Just have to remind myself every now and then so as not to get bogged down by the sad and serious and respond with furrowed brows and a sombre tone, bugger, it _is_ fun!

Chris Selland

great post Sig - couldn't agree more!

Pat Patterson

Seems like all the enterprise software fun is at Sun: https://slx.sun.com/node/1179273210


Hey Pat, that's a cool one, and practical - and of course fun!

But the folks at SAP do have fun they too (check their annual Demo Jams!), and I'm sure at Oracle and MS and everywhere - but the "official communication" stuff?

Nah, not so fun mostly... or what? OK, Jonathan is clearly less suit than many others, but still... :)

Roberto Michel

I was at that SAP press conference, covering it for a magazine. There was indeed much gloom in discussion of the current economic crisis. Part of the reason was the event was held in New York, not too far from Wall Street. It's hard to be upbeat around Wall Street these days. Maybe they should have held it in Palo Alto. On the other hand, they were trying to position their more modular suite as well suited to holding down upgrade costs and getting to high value functionality quicker.

Interesting blog and software approach you have. I'm intrigued by the concept of an object carrying all its needed characteristics and business events, rather than having all these millions of transactions littering the path of every business process.

Good luck.


Thanks Roberto,

can imagine the presence of Wall Street could be a bit gloomy!

Guess I only expected that the chap arriving with a ladder for the poor sod stranded at the bottom of the ditch should show some optimism and wear a big great smile... ;)

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