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"annual performance review is for the birds, and boss pressure is of dubious value" - and right there you have two major reasons for my decision to leave the cube farm ... well said, Sig!

James Dellow

Nice post. There is some already established theories around this... I think you've picked up the difference between what I've seen described as membership behaviour, organisational citizenship behaviour and task behaviour. You say "annual performance review is for the birds, and boss pressure is of dubious value" and this is reflected in the fact that I think they mostly motivate employees towards task behaviour only.



good point that. When mulling over the theory suggested I end up thinking "hey, it must be simpler than that", yes even "hmm, sounds like another self-fulfilling-analysis by the management theorists".

Simpler as in two things:

1. We need daily and frequent strokes, so annual or even bi-monthly or whatever is for the birds.
2. Strokes really only works if coming from somebody we respect. And respect does not come from positions handed out by somebody else, it comes from actual behaviour. I.e. we might respect a boss but it's not automatic.

Another thing is that "management theories" never challenges the assumption that "management" should exist at all - thus any theory from that camp must be taken with a handful of salt.

Their task is to make "management better" and not "make business better". If the latter was the purpose, then one should always start with a challenge of all assumptions, including the mere existence of the old frameworks (aka management) wouldn't you think?

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