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love the argument. but wouldn't the increase in global GDP further burden the planet? And would les corps. that benefit from the increased productivity, not to mention les powers that take tax, really use the bottom line bonanza to feed children and heal the world? maybe the world's not going to get healed and we're all going to hell in a handbag full of cash.

(my first visit to this space so not sure if you've expressed something in an earlier piece that validates or if you were making a point about IT and enterprise software and just got carried away.)

thanks for the read.



Good points Thomas!

The beauty about getting rid of waste is that it would not burden the world as in using more resources at all.

It's like replacing your car with one that uses half the fuel, leaving you with two choices: Either leave that extra fuel "on the table" for others to use to feed the poor or you could of course drive twice the distance (i.e. use your increased "wealth" all on your own).

And herein lies the obvious point you raised of how the new surplus will be used. If history is any guidance I'm pretty sure some or most will be used for own wealth increase / consume more (as in driving twice the distance without using more fuel) - but the numbers are big so I think it should do the trick:
Most are willing already to forego even some of their wealth towards fixing the big issues, if it's about newly created wealth that should be even more palatable I think/hope.

Corporate profits are ok (and very important as the real front-line driver to make the necessary changes to their BRPS!) - after all that trickles down as salaries, dividends and investments eventually getting to where it should be.

Feeding and educating all children + converting all to renewable resources does not add up to more than an annual 1% of WW GDP... so if starting point could be a double digit percentage gain, well there would be leeway even for some greed and stupid government decisions :)

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