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Great post, as usual, Sig. This is the song the e20 crowd is singing. Maybe not always in harmony; maybe sometimes out of tune... but the song sheet has become a bit of an anthem for change.

Interested in joining the choir? :-)

Dennis Byron

I think you are just having a bad day:

-- PLM is very much involved in designing a new car.
-- Adobe software (you don't seem to have a category) in designing ads
-- Microsoft Project and similar larger software in seeing flows in a way that lets people give advice better
-- Etc. etc.

Name a business process flow in your category one and I'll name what you call "legacy enterprise software" that does it.'



Susan, but of course I'd like to sing - but am afraid I would insist on a different tune :)

If you read between the lines in most of my post you'd find that I am missing the 'process' in E 2.0 - yes there is process there but not process based IT that would run the process nor perfectly capture the process-data.

Still I think we have the same goal and seeing the same issues with the current state. Just different solutions.



Adobe software is indeed very much involved - when people - design a car. It supports the value-add work directly, to that I agree. But only single-task, not running much of a process there.

And nor does Microsoft Project and PLM. They are supportive frameworks for the old processes: A project is still run/executed by acts of management, meetings, budgets, frequent reporting - MS Project does not deliver work orders and all pertinent information to the right person while capturing all that happens. In other word it does not run/execute the process, it does not support the value-add work directly, it support the work that is the framework that runs the processes.

There is no legacy system that can run barely repeatable business flows as is normal in any office (or about 60% of world wide GDP) - that's the point.

That will not appear until the users see the situation as it is (that the ways and methods of executing strategies and business models are way old, youngest part being 515 year old) then challenging their own daily assumptions that "this is how it must be".

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